Introduction Herbalife is a renowned brand of health products and nutritional supplements. The brand offers business opportunities in distribution by application of commissions on sale. Most of their clients and customers purchase Herbalife products for various health needs like weight loss and generalized improved health. In this review, we will get into more details about one of their most sourced products.

You will hopefully consider it as one of the best Herbalife shake due to its popularity and demand. Formula 1 healthy nutritional shake features enriched flavors. Some of the flavors include wild berry, vanilla, banana caramel, Dutch chocolate and a range of other flavors.

Uncover the Ingredients

The primary ingredients in the shake are fructose as well as soy protein isolate and a plant-based protein in powder form. You can take advantage of the high level of protein in a simple 9 grams, plus an additional boost of sugar, also in a 9 grams package for daily consumption. The good thing about this product is that when you add milk to your shake, the calories tend to increase.

Milk plays a vital role and has its fair share of nutritional benefits. To begin with, it adds more nutrients to the shake through the introduction of calcium as well as 12 grams of sugar, 12 grams carbohydrate and an additional proportion of 8 grams protein. You could consider using Formula 1 shakes products if you are looking into shedding some extra weight. It works perfectly well when used alongside a combination program. You can consult their professions to administer these set of programs for better results.

They consist of:

  • Quickstart program
  • Advanced program
  • Ultimate program

Though considered one of the best Herbalife shakes, due diligence must be observed when using it. Once you settle on your program, we recommend a variety of combinations of supplements boosters that will elevate and increase the rate of weight shedding.

Does It Work? One of the reasons why they are considered among the best Herbalife shakes is that they are an ideal meal for anyone. Additionally, you will come to realize the programs are very practical and convenient. You are more likely to witness results as long as you follow up on the prescription with due diligence. If you are thinking about weight for medical reasons and fast, this is a good product recommendation in terms of behavioral trait change. Through the shake, you are assured of a nutritional balance and recommended daily allowance of supplement minerals and vitamins. Needless to mention, you should make a medical inquiry or consult a professional nutritionist before embarking on this diet shake.

A normal meal consists of 300- 550 calories or even more. This is very different from the shake which cuts down on calories by up to 100-200%, providing only 170 calories. The remarkably low-calorie content in it means it is essential for weight loss. And in order to ensure the shake is even more effective, you can also incorporate your own supplements at home. Combinations of the Herbalife shake with fresh fruits and nutritional vegetables in form of smoothies is an added advantage. This way, you stand to gain vital minerals such as zinc and phosphonates as well as up to 21 vitamins. You can also combine the shake with some of Herbalife’s’ weight loss pills and products which will increase weight loss substantially.

Here is an example of a typical day on the Herbalife weight loss plan (Obtained from the website program):

  • 08:00 Breakfast – Formula 1 chocolate shake served with skim milk as well as half a banana
  • 11:00 Snack – Medium apple
  • 13:30 Lunch – Grilled chicken breast served along with vegetables as well as whole wheat bread
  • 17:00 Snack – Can of tuna served with iceberg salad
  • 20:00 Dinner –Formula-2 vanilla shake along with half a banana and skimmed milk.

The boosters and food substances added serve the purpose of supplementing this meal plan. You can get a low-calorie diet with such a meal program and it will be like swapping an entire meal (depending on program and combinations) for a short 170 calorie diet shake. This program is very healthy and effective as David Heber, M.D., chairman of the Herbalife-Nutrition Institute & Nutrition Advisory-Board declares.

Product Safety

The product has had its fair share of criticism. Several linked reports claim the product leads to liver injury and in extreme cases, death. However, there is also plenty of research that claims the product is very safe and non-toxic for consumption. They indicate that through tests and evaluations, the product has been found to be very friendly and effective. Going by popular reviews, the product can be termed as safe, with only a few reviewers lashing back at it for one or two mild cases of inefficiency.

No serious case has been established against the product. But as a general rule, you should consult your doctor before using the product. It doesn’t matter if the product is genuinely natural or herbal, remember to seek consultation from relevant bodies before use.

Cost of The Formula 1 Herbalife shake

The best way to access the product is to look it up from a local distributor of the product. You will find most distributor prices sell the best Herbalife shake for 39.90 USD. A convenient program sells for 115.30 USD while a 3-day package for trial purpose sells for 11.95 USD. The combinations vary and range from 194-300 USD.